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1918 Illinois Centennial Half Dollar

1918 Illinois Centennial Half Dollar

Mintage 100,058

Minted to celebrate the Centennial of Illinois’ entry as 21st State in the Union. This is the only other coin Abe Lincoln appears on. Though he was born in Kentucky, it is Illinois that is the ‘Land of Lincoln’. George T. Morgan, who designed the famous ‘Morgan Dollar’, of the wild west fame, created a wonderful rendition of this President. A much more serious Lincoln is depicted here. He based his design on a statue by Andrew O’Conner. The coin’s reverse shows parts of the Illinois state seal and an eagle perched on a rock with the sun rising in the background. A truly inspired concept, it symbolized the realized promise of Illinois. Congress authorized 100,000 pieces. As the numismatic market was in its infancy many went unsold. Later when the Great Depression gripped the nation many of them were released into circulation at face value. As a result a great portion of this issue is in less than mint condition. It is extremely scarce in superb condition. Designed by: Obverse: G.T. Morgan Reverse: J.R. Sinnock

Value $70-$825