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1922 Grant Half Dollar

1922 Grant Half Dollar

Mintage 71,611

The life of Ulysses S. Grant was a study in contrasts. After brilliant success leading the Union forces to ultimate victory in the Civil War, he went on to serve two scandal-ridden terms as the nation's 18th president. The good evidently outweighed the bad in 1922, when Congress authorized a special half dollar to commemorate the centennial of the soldier-president's birth. The coin was one of several U.S. commemoratives designed by laura Gardin Fraser, a highly distinguished sculptor-medalist whose artist husband, James Earle Fraser, fashioned the Buffalo nickel. Its obverse bears a profile portrait of Grant in his army uniform. Its reverse depicts the Ohio log cabin where he was born. In all, the Mint produced about 100,000 pieces. The first 5,000 were struck with a small star on the obverse, just above the "N" in Grant's last name. it seemed inconsequential and had no special meaning, but it makes a dramatic difference in the value of one of these coins. With the star, a Grant half dollar is far scarcer and more valuable than without it Net mintages of the two varieties, after melting of unsold examples, are 4,256 pieces with the star and 67,405 without Grant half dollars with the obverse star are hard to find in any mint-state grade but downright rare in gem condition. For that matter, the no star variety is also quite scarce in the highest grades. Many Grant halves found their way into circulation-for these, like other pre-Depression commemoratives, ended up being spent in large numbers when ordinary money got tight Most of the known specimens of the star variety have a diagnostic die break on the obverse, running from Grant's chin and bow tie.

Value $65 - $10,575