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The History of Gold

 For centuries, gold has been a commodity it has been something that has driven men to work, to search, and to rule. For thousands of years, it has been forming in the Earth, and is the most malleable and ductile metal known to man. It is highly valuable and is sought after for all kinds of reasons - for use in currency, jewelry, art, and more.

The history of gold is told mainly through artistic artifacts and coinage that has been discovered by important professionals throughout many years. It seems that Gold has been widely known of and used by artisans and governments alike since the Chalcolithic Period. Even from the 4th millennium B.C., artifacts made of gold have been found, including the Nebra disk from Central Europe, and many other things.

Myths and legends involving gold have existed for as long as anyone can remember. The bible itself mentions gold, even from its earliest pages, which outline what Christians believe to be the very beginning of the world. Other cultures and religions also use the imagery of gold to explain many things in stories and myths from long, long ago. For example, an old legend of the golden fleece demonstrates the use of things used to trap gold dust in an ancient world.

The desire for gold has been strong in cultures since what seems to be the beginning of time. Rulers of any nation were known to have gold as a part of their royal possessions, and many an expedition was based on the acquisition of gold. This was also a reason for many invasions, wars, and contentions between groups of people.

Conquistadores and travelers of the old world were constantly on the search for new islands and countries that were surely to be made purely of gold. The search for this element has driven the civilization and expansion of many many countries on the earth today. Even a thirst for gold led early settlers of America to explore the unknown reaches of the western half of the North American Continent. Gold is a part of everything.

Now, it has become an important part of things such as numismatics, electronics and coin collecting. Many numismatic enthusiasts are still on the search for gold, as well as the history it tells. Coins from ancient worlds or the early developing years of modern countries bring a slew of value and story that very few other items may have. Thousands upon thousands of dollars may be spent on a single coin, because of its artistic and emotional value, as well as its rarity.

Gold is used in many forms today, ranging from coins to jewelry, to almost anything you can think of. And still, in the upper classes of society, you will find more than you will on the lower end of the ladder. Much has changed and yet, nothing at all.

The history of gold is a long and important one that continues to be written in the modern world today. And with the economy of the world beginning to suffer because of other forms of currency, gold will certainly play an important role in the future to come.