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$10 1907 - 1933 Indian Head Eagle

10 indian head eagle.jpg

Indian Head History

Augustus Saint-Gaudens, considered by many the greatest of modern sculptors, introduced a new high standard of art in the United States coins evidenced by his eagle and double eagle types of 1907. The obverse of the eagle shows the head of Liberty crowned with an Indian war bonnet while an impressively majestic eagle dominates the reverse side. A departure from older standards is found on the edge of the piece, where 46 raised stars are arranged signifying the states of the Union, instead of a lettered or reeded edge (48 stars after 1912). The first eagles struck had no motto `In God We Trust' as did the later issues in 1908. President Theodore Roosevelt personally objected to the use of the Deity's name on coins. The people, however, felt differently . They lobbied congressmen and senators until the motto was restored by an Act of Congress in 1908.