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1908 - 1929 Indian Head Quarter Eagle $2.50



2.5 indian head quarter eagle.jpg

1908 - 1929 Quarter Eagle ($2.50)

This $2.50 gold coin was the result of the efforts of Doctor William Bigelow, a friend to President Theodore Roosevelt. In early 1908, Bigelow suggested making coins with devices sunk beneath the fields thereby insuring that the highest points would not be easily worn away. . The late Augustus St. Gaudens had just designed two beautiful coins for the $20 and $10. However, it was Bela Lyon Pratt who completed these incused coins. Indian Quarter Eagles were struck from 1908 through 1929 at Denver and Philadelphia. The mintmark was designed as the highest point, above the surface of the coin. The model was a continuation of a theme begun in 1899 with G.F.C. Smillie's portrait of `Running Antelope' on the $5 silver certificate. The mint director held up production for months while adjusting the models. Counterfeits from Hong Kong were made in the 60's. Certification is mandatory. The only extreme rarities of this design are the matte proofs, which were issued in very limited quantities. Many were melted in 1916 as unsold. The design is one of the more aesthetically artistic among 20th-century American Coinages. The only difficult ones being the 1914 and 
1911 D.