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When, Why, Where??

Finding Gold

Gold is very scarce, which is one of the reasons it is so valuable. In fact, if you took all of the gold that has been mined from the earth throughout history, it would fit in a cube that only measured 18 yards on each side! One of the reasons many people purchase gold is as a hedge against inflation. When other forms of currency become unpredictable, investors trade those currencies for this precious metal, which in turn increases the price of gold.

How Much? 

Many money management experts suggest that investors put anywhere from 5% to 30% of their investment monies into gold. People who are near or in retirement should actually lean toward the higher number in order to better protect themselves from inflation. The question that most investors ask is - What are the best ways to buy gold? Should you buy it from a gold broker or a banker or a coin dealer? Should you purchase small bars or large bars, bullion coins from the U.S. Treasury or from another company or rare collectible coins or mining shares? Should you buy it now or wait for the prices to go lower?


Most experts will tell you that speculating on whether gold will go up or down and trying to time your purchases in order to beat inflation is very risky. If even the experts can't agree on which direction gold is headed at any given moment, what makes you think you can second guess it any better? The better thing to do is to look at gold as a long-term investment. By looking at the averages over a period of time, you will better understand that concept. For the average small investor, your risks can be reduced by purchasing gold over time systematically. This means that you select a percentage of your investment assets to set aside for your gold purchases and steadily build up your gold portfolio. Many banks and brokers offer accumulation plans that allow you to put a set monthly or quarterly amount toward gold.


It is very important to work with a dealer that you trust. A full-service dealer will actually help you to understand how the rare coin market works. They will also have been in business for a number of years so that you can count on their experience in this field. A good dealer should be a member of the American Numismatic Association, which is the premier professional organization for coin dealers. This is the organization to call to check on any broker to see if he is in good standing.

The dealer you choose should be able to advise you about the market and he should make you aware of any developments that affect your rare coins. It is also important to never work with a dealer who authenticates or grades his own coins. They should use an outside agency for grading coins so that you can be assured of an unbiased grade. In closing the best ways to buy gold coins would be through a reputable dealer who is suggesting coins with high grades. These rare coins will increase in value faster than the regular gold bullion and should provide you with a solid future investment.