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How To Buy Gold Coins Online Securly

 You can purchase nearly anything in the world that you want online, whether it is a pair of shoes or a piece of real estate.   For the serious investor who is considering adding gold coins to his investment portfolio, the question is how to buy gold coins online, securely. The biggest danger with gold coins or anything is that you might be sold a fake. Here is some advice that will help you avoid the pitfalls that often come from purchasing items such as gold coins online.

First and foremost, be very careful. You can search online for gold coins and find literally hundreds of websites that purport to sell legitimate gold coins. Many of these websites are totally legitimate, while some few others are hoping to trick you into buying from them so that they can rip you off. Taking time to do your research and carefully select good online dealers will pay off for you in the end.

Preparation is half the battle, and goes the same whether you are purchasing your coins online or from a local dealer. Knowing what you are looking for is the key. You need to know what the front, or obverse side of the coin looks like as well as what is on the reverse or back of the coin. You should know the standard weight of the piece as well as its size. It is even helpful to know the processes and techniques that were used when it was minted. There are helpful catalogs that you should have current copies of that include descriptions and pictures of the pieces. Many of the catalogues also include pictures of the fake coins so that you can learn the difference.
Carefully look at the pictures of the coin that are posted on the website. A reliable seller will have photos of both sides of t the coin. You should enlarge these photos and carefully study the coin, with particular attention being paid to the edges and details of the coin. If you are not sure whether or not it is real, you will need to consult with an expert.
Of course, one of the most important things about buying or selling cold coins online is to select a reputable dealer. You want to be assured that they have been in the business of dealing with specialty coins for at least five years. They should have a phone number as well as an address where they can be reached. It is a good idea to phone the office and discuss your prospective purchases with one of their representatives. You should also verify whether they belong to a professional association and where they have their coins graded.
If you are thinking about going with an individual seller rather than a dealer, you will want to check out their activity on such sites as Ebay and look at their reviews. You may also want to try to contact an individual seller to gather more information. The bottom line is that if you are armed with information about the coins you plan to purchase and thoroughly check out the seller, you should be able to buy gold coins online, securely.