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American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins

The American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin is a beautiful and fantastic item to add to your collection. Since 1985, when they were authorized by the Bullion Coin Act, these fantastic items have become one of the leading bullion investment coins in the world. With a simple and exquisite design, the American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin is something that is surely worth the price. 

The very first Double was actually designed in the year 1849. It was minted as part of the legal tender of the country for many years.  The face of the coin was eventually redesigned, and featured some of the most important symbols that the Unites States has, including Lady Liberty, a bald eagle, and the nation's motto: In God We Trust. These coins were probably the same ones that jingled in the pockets of those forefathers that established the foundations for the country in which we now live. In fact, it really wasn't until after the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 was put into place by Franklin D. Roosevelt that the widespread use of the Double Eagle was stopped. 
In 1985, bullion coins based on the beautiful design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens that had been minted from 1907-1933 were created and made available for purchase. Their weight, content, and purity are the only bullion coins in the world that are guaranteed by the United States Government.
American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins are produced from a gold mine found in America, and are imprinted with the amount of gold used, as well as whatever face value it might have. The value of such a fantastic coin will be based on the market price of gold, in addition to a premium that covers the coinage and distribution.
The obverse, or front design features a strong and resilient Lady Liberty, with long hair blowing in the wind, clutching an olive branch in her left hand, while holding her torch aloft with her right. She is surrounded by a glory, and seems to be advancing always forward. The year that the coin is minted is printed on the bottom right portion of the coin, and the word "Liberty" is proudly displayed at the top, with fifty stars circling the image.
The reverse of the coin was designed by Miley Buseik, and features a particularly fantastic depiction of a male bald eagle flying above a nest containing his female counterpart and her hatchlings. Once again, found clutched in his claws, is the olive branch. The nation's motto is found on this side of the piece, as well as the quantity of gold used in the coin, and the face value that it carries.
The American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins issued by the United States Mint are a fantastic way to not only invest your money'but to show your individual pride and reverence for the country in which you live. The value of these coins will increase with time, just as will the value of the freedom that the symbols printed upon them represent. With these bullion coins so easily attainable and storable, every American should think twice about not investing in them.