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Why Rare Gold Coins?

From the time you were little, you have probably been collecting things. From colorful rocks, to golf balls or marbles found on your walk to school, the spirit of collecting things has a lot of meaning to a lot of people. However, now that you are older, why would you wish to consider collecting rare gold coins? Many people across the globe are into the coin trading and collecting excitement, and do it with enthusiasm. You, too, could be a part of this circle, and here are a few great reasons why:

At the base of it all, collecting rare gold coins is an interesting and fulfilling hobby for a number of people. Each coin stems from a particular page in the book of history that our world has authored. Each piece has a story - often filled with adventure or mystery, or something even on the side of being rather questionable, perhaps. Collecting rare coins for fun and for profit is like constantly discovering buried treasure, and building up a pile of loot that a pirate would shake his head at.

In the United States today, gold coins are not used in the circulation of currency, hile in the early years of our country, gold and silver were used by all to obtain the things that they needed for their every day lives. In fact, the use of gold coins used as currency dates in the Americas back to the 18th century. It wasn't until the latter part of that century that the United States Mint began to create their own gold coins to circulate. These coins were used for a great many years, until the year 1933.

Since 1933, all gold coins have been excluded from use in everyday society. Franklin D. Roosevelt passed two important acts that ruled in this way, in order to help the economy out of a disaster. Today, people are interested in buying gold - sometimes in the form of rare gold coins, because this kind of investment is one that is completely above all the rising and falling found in other investments, stocks, etc.

The worth of rare gold coins can be immense - and is generally determined by the amount of gold in the coin, its condition, and the spot price of gold. The older and the rarer the coin, the more expensive it is to purchase. If there is a high demand for a specific coin by collectors, it will also increase in value. Many collectors, however, do not just collect for the money, and thus feature all kinds of coins, from rare to commemorative, to just plain interesting in their collections.

You may wish to collect just American Coins, or coins that are made strictly of one metal. Or perhaps, you would prefer to collect something on a more generic scale. As you begin to collect rare gold coins, you will find the niche you wish to pursue. And the opportunities will be endless from there on out. You will find that having the internet will be a fabulous research for contacting other collectors just like yourself that might have something you would be interested in. Before you know it, you'll be hooked just like you were when you were little.